Elevating Standards in Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) Staff Training

At Oracle Academies, we understand the unique demands of Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR). Our bespoke QSR staff training programmes have been designed to address the specific needs of this fast-paced sector, emphasising areas such as health and safety, food allergen awareness, and first aid proficiency.

Health and Safety: Level 1 (QSR)

Our Level 1 Health and Safety training is tailored specifically for QSR settings. This foundational course aids learners in identifying and implementing measures to safeguard their colleagues and customers. It offers an essential primer on risk management, workplace hazards, and handling hazardous substances, making it an ideal choice for hospitality workers in lower-risk QSR workplaces.

Health and Safety: Level 2 (QSR)

Our Level 2 Health and Safety training delves deeper into the intricacies of maintaining a safe QSR workplace. Learners will develop a thorough understanding of how to manage risks, prevent fires, respond to emergencies, and report accidents effectively. This advanced course is particularly beneficial for hospitality workers in higher-risk QSR workplaces, such as kitchens.

Food Allergens

With a growing emphasis on dietary requirements and allergen awareness, our Food Allergens training is an essential component of our QSR training suite. This course equips your team with a comprehensive understanding of common food allergens and cross-contact controls. Learners will practice essential communication skills to effectively inform and reassure customers about allergen concerns, making this course a must for all hospitality workers.

First Aid Awareness

Emergencies can arise at any moment in the QSR environment, and a prompt, informed response can make all the difference. Our First Aid Awareness training emphasises the critical role of those initial moments following an accident or emergency. Learners will gain a fundamental understanding of basic emergency first aid response procedures, making this course indispensable for all hospitality workers.

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