Excelling in Essential Hotel Staff Training

In the hospitality industry, the quality of your hotel staff can make or break a guest’s experience. Oracle Academies is dedicated to providing top-tier hotel staff training, preparing your team to deliver exceptional service across all areas of hotel operations.

Guest Service

Our Guest Service training is designed to help staff understand and exceed guest expectations at every turn. From perfecting the art of first impressions through effective communication to handling guest complaints with grace and professionalism, this course instils the importance of working as a cohesive team to create a memorable guest experience.

The Housekeeper

Our Housekeeper training course equips your housekeeping team with the skills they need to maintain rooms to the highest standard. Beyond essential cleaning techniques, learners will explore how to adhere to health and safety guidelines, handle guest requests efficiently, and manage complaints effectively. The goal is to ensure your guests always return to a clean, comfortable, and inviting room.

The Receptionist

The receptionist is often the first point of contact for your guests, making their role pivotal in shaping the guest experience. Our Receptionist training focuses on key aspects of this role, including guest check-in and check-out procedures, handling bills and payments, and managing reservations. Learners will also gain practical experience with telephone etiquette and the hotel management system, ensuring smooth, efficient operations at the front desk.

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